What I use:
I draw my pictures on Paint Tools Sai and I edit it all in Adobe Premiere. (Really? You don't use any animation software??) (Yeah, I know it's ''''not real animation''''')

I have a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24

a Smudge Guard Glove.

I record on a Shure sm7b,

I have an Scarlett 2i 4 Audio interface

and this thing called a 'Cloudlifter.'

If these items are out of your price range then this is what I use(d) (The cheaper stuff)

-My first tablet was a Bamboo Create for ~$100. Really good tablet 5/7.

I know alot of people like the intuos's

-A good Microphone that a lot of people use is a Blue Yeti (keep in mind where you record is important.)

Dissection #shorts

Dissection #shorts

Hot Water #shorts

Hot Water #shorts

Anteater #shorts

Anteater #shorts

My Thoughts on Reality Shifting

My Thoughts on Reality Shifting

I'm a Mobile Game

I'm a Mobile Game

My Decaying Mind in Quarantine

My Decaying Mind in Quarantine

Conventions (I miss them)

Conventions (I miss them)

Junk Food

Junk Food

Scams That Should be Illegal

Scams That Should be Illegal

Movie Sequels

Movie Sequels

Talking to Strangers

Talking to Strangers

The Spiders and the Bees

The Spiders and the Bees

10 Million Sprinkle Special

10 Million Sprinkle Special



Christmas Carols

Christmas Carols

Our Cats :3

Our Cats :3

Tabletop Games

Tabletop Games

Wrong Numbers

Wrong Numbers

A Book I Made as an Adult

A Book I Made as an Adult


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