Rack x Saske - NASA (prod. by Beyond) (Official Music Video)

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Lyrics & Vocals by Rack, Saske
Executive Production by Beyond, Sidarta
Music Production by OZ.Recorddz, Sidarta, Beyond
Mixed & Mastered by Beyond @ Final Sound Studio
Executive Production by Beyond Music

Rack x Saske - NASA (prod. by Beyond) (Official Music Video)

Produced by Crystal View

© + ℗ Barcode Entertainment & Offbeat Records 2021


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    Download | Stream "NASA" Here: orcd.co/rack_saske_nasa

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    Ρε παιδιά ποιος είναι ο saske γιατί στο ξέρω μάνα είχε πλεξουδες.

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    Είστε η καλύτερη τραγουδιστές του κόσμου σας λατρεβο μόνο rack

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    Ι το κάνετε delet to video clip I tha sas Kano delet to account!!!

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    ποτε θα βγαλει καινουριο ο ρασκε?

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    Τι capital misic και μαλακίες ρε bcc μόνο ρε 💪💪

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    Παίζει να είναι και το καλύτερο τραγούδι αυτήν την περίοδο

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    57 Proof of the flatness of the earth Physical and scientific evidence of the flatness and stability of the Earth: 1- water level 2- No curvature (law of perspective) 3- There is no gravitational pull 4 - The failure of the hypothesis that the Earth caused the eclipse. 5- Radio waves are not transmitted in a curved path. 6- The impossibility of air (atmosphere) coming into contact with a vacuum. 7- Aircraft do not bend. 8- Aircraft are not affected by the movement of the earth between the north (0 km / h) and the equator (1666 km / h) 9- Proving that space agencies are lying (fake videos and photos) 10- Railways. 11- The appearance of the stars does not change during the year. 12- The location of Polaris has not changed despite the three movements. 13- The inability to launch the missile in a vacuum. 14- Experiments have proven that there is water above us 15- Trigonometry proves the impossibility of the sun being 150 million km away from the earth 16- The horizon rises with you when you rise to the level of your eyes 17- The many differences between the two poles, while it is assumed that they are similar to the spherical shape 18- Not feeling the movement of the earth 19-No flights over Antarctica 20- Seeing the same stars after six months (they are supposed to be on the daytime side) 21- Allegation that the Earth is flattened in the equator due to rotation, but the seas are in their place and the rotation has not affected them. 22- The retrograde motion of the planets breaks the solar system and the planets revolve around the sun. 23-Determining the size of the sun, the size of the planets and the moon, and the distances, and putting large numbers without evidence or scientific proof to prove 24- The width of the moon’s shadow at the time of the last solar eclipse in America was 100 km, which means this is the width of the moon or smaller, because scientifically it is impossible for the shadow to be smaller than the body (abbreviate it yourself). 25-The direction of river flow violates the law of gravity 26- Flights and itineraries made sense on the flat 27- The closer to the sun, the lower the temperature 28- The atmosphere is supposed to expand or contract due to its sticking in a vacuum 29- The scientific community cannot define “sky” at all. This is only possible with the Qur'an. 30- Clouds do not curve to match the curvature of the earth (it is always straight from below) 31- The difference in summer and winter between the north and south of the Earth contradicts the theory of the Earth's tilted axis. 32- It has not been proven that the sun is made of fire and plasma, and the flames have not been photographed in a real way 33- The theory of the water cycle does not match hot, steamy areas 34- The weight of clouds carrying water, snow, hail and ice, violates the law of gravity (the last incident is witness). 35- Too many suspicions about the existence of satellites and the space station 36- No logical explanation was given about the {go fast} missile hitting the water at an altitude of 116 km 37- The impossibility of cutting millions of kilometers of light without fading out (you have a searchlight, does its light travel for several kilometers, even the laser, and what does it do for hundreds of kilometers) 38 - Refuting and contradicting the theory of Big Bang and evolution, which definitely proves that the Western scientific community is full of lies. 39 - Gravity and how it is has not been proven and defined by experience. 40- The media war, silencing of mouths, and the policy pursued against flat owners by global sites such as Google and GRbuild suggest that there is something terrifying them, while they spread absurdities every day such as asteroids and black holes. 41- The 1880 Michaelson-Morley experiment was obliterated, because it proved the stability of the Earth. 42- The Biddle-Ayre experiment, which proved the stability of the Earth, was obliterated and ignored by the scientific community. 43- Calculating the times of eclipses and eclipses has nothing to do with sphericality, just an account based on the Saros cycle, which was used at a time when everyone believed in the flatness of the Earth. 44 - No scientific research peer reviewed publication empirically proves the curvature and curvature of the earth. 45 - Experiments are to prove hypotheses and theories that contradict reality! 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The broadcast is still the same and does not support satellites 55- The outage of GPS, mobile networks and Thuraya services in desert areas, mountains, seas and tunnels indicates the use of radio waves 56- Einstein admitted the impossibility of observing the motion of the Earth by any visual experiment 57- The current agreement of civilizations on the sphericity does not indicate anything, as civilizations previously agreed that it is flat until the demons came and deviated them from their view

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    Pame 10 miria r🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

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    Intro: Rack, Saske] Δεν θα σε ξαναδούν Σαν να σε πήραν στην NASA Αυτά που κάνω λέει δεν αρκούν Αλλά μαζί μου δεν παίρνει ανάσα Δεν θα σε ξαναδούν Σαν να σε πήραν στην NASA Αυτά που κάνω λέει δεν αρκούν Αλλά μαζί μου δεν παίρνει ανάσα [Verse 1: Saske] Σκάω μ' άλλο αέρα, iced out jewels Όπου και να πάω έχω 10 goons Κάνουμε τα club να μοιάζουν με saloon Το άρωμα Dior, στο τσιγάρο kush Μύκονο, Dubai, Marbella Business class, μπαίνω sick μοντέλα Είναι too clean σα να βγήκε από έργο Άν κάνει ένα λάθος θα με δει να φεύγω Όπου και αν πάει μ' ακούει παντού Είμαι στα VIP γύρω mustangs Ξεκίνησα μέσα απ' το hood Ήμουν στο δρόμο τώρα ζω σε κάστρα Eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh Μ' αγαπάει ο δρόμος δε με παν' οι μπάτσοι Eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh Όσα και να βγάλω δεν έχω αλλάξει Αν το θες θα πάμε παντού Θέλει έναν star θέλω κάτι true Της είπα μείνε δίπλα μου και μην αλλάξεις Πέσε πάνω μου mon amour [Chorus: Saske, Rack] Tracksuit λευκά Πάν' απ' όλα καθαρή ψυχή Μετράω μαύρα λεφτά Ποιος δεν αγαπάει το χαρτί, huh C’est la vie (C’est la vie) Pow-pow-pow-pow, BCC C’est la vie (C’est la vie) BCC, Rack attack Tracksuit λευκά Πάν' απ' όλα καθαρή ψυχή Μετράω μαύρα λεφτά Ποιος δεν αγαπάει το χαρτί, huh C’est la vie (C’est la vie) Pow-pow-pow-pow, BCC C’est la vie (C’est la vie) BCC, Rack attack [Verse 2: Rack] Χωρίς τύψεις λεν' ψέματα Παίζει να τα πιστεύουν κι αυτοί Από τ' αυτιά τρέχουν αίματα Για να γιατρευτούνε ακούνε BCC Πο-πολύ κοιτάει το βλέμμα μιλάει Τα νεύρα μου σπάει πιστολιές θα φάει Να βγάλουμε photo ή να βγάλω τ' όπλο, huh Πες μου τώρα που γυρνάει [Bridge: Rack] Δεν θα σε ξαναδούν Σαν να σε πήραν στην NASA Αυτά που κάνω λέει δεν αρκούν Αλλά μαζί μου δεν παίρνει ανάσα (ra-ra-ra) Δεν θα σε ξαναδούν (Ποτέ) Σαν να σε πήραν στην NASA Αυτά που κάνω λέει δεν αρκούν Αλλά μαζί μου δεν παίρνει ανάσα (grrt-ha-ha-ha) [Verse 3: Rack] Huh, θυληκό A plus Mercedes S-Class Χάλαρα στην πλαζ, huh Σαν να κάνεις πατινάζ Σε λεπτό πάγο είναι άμα κουνιέσαι σε εμάς, huh Δίνω οργή στον τόπο Όλοι έχουμε πιστόλι το θέμα ποιος έχει στόχο, huh Ό,τι θέλει ξέρει το 'χω Πες μου τι να φοβηθώ όταν έχω BCC λόχο (gang) [Chorus: Saske, Rack] Tracksuit λευκά Πάν' απ' όλα καθαρή ψυχή Μετράω μαύρα λεφτά Ποιος δεν αγαπάει το χαρτί, huh C’est la vie (C’est la vie) Pow-pow-pow-pow, BCC C’еst la vie (C’est la vie) BCC, BCC Rack attack, C’еst la vie Tracksuit λευκά Πάν' απ' όλα καθαρή ψυχή Μετράω μαύρα λεφτά Ποιος δεν αγαπάει το χαρτί, huh C’est la vie (C’est la vie) Pow-pow-pow-pow, BCC gang BCC (C’est la vie) BCC, Rack attack

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    Το έβγαλαν από τις τάσεις χαχαχχα

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    @Super Gamer Videographers are the artists that capture video. Video Editors are the artists that tell the story from the raw material. Καληνύχτα πσυχουλα μου.

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    BarCodeCrew ON TOP!

  • Κωνσταντίνος Τσάκνης
    Κωνσταντίνος ΤσάκνηςΠριν 9 ημέρες


  • Emiliano dani
    Emiliano daniΠριν 9 ημέρες

    Πάλι περύφανωσ ο Λεκτικοσ ♥️♥️💪💪

  • DS georgia
    DS georgiaΠριν 9 ημέρες

    Ρε ποτε θα πάει ξανά νούμερο 1 στις τασεις;

  • Διονυσης Χαρτας

    Διονυσης Χαρτας

    Πριν 5 ημέρες


  • Cadomerjall
    CadomerjallΠριν 9 ημέρες

    Na vgaloume photo h na vgalw to oplo

  • Ελένη Τσιμπού
    Ελένη ΤσιμπούΠριν 9 ημέρες

    2:58 στα βαθιααααααα μπλουμμμμ

    ΚΩΣΤΑΣ ΚΑΠΠΟΣΠριν 9 ημέρες


  • Γιωργος Καραγιαννης
    Γιωργος ΚαραγιαννηςΠριν 9 ημέρες

    Apo ta autia trehoun aimata Gia na giatreftoun akoune BCC