DOA5 Bayman Combo Guide (v1.03a)


0:00 Untechable
0:26 BnB Combos
2:31 Guaranteed Combos
2:49 Wall Combos
3:05 Frame Advantage
3:32 Beat wake-up kick
4:03 Throws
4:38 Safe Throw
5:19 8K&F+K Stance-dependant Combos
( Note: Using sidestep K to the direction of foe's facing )
7:17 CB Combos
Stage combos
made by AiN.
photo by h3411109.


  • Lo - Rez
    Lo - RezΠριν 3 χρόνια

    Thank you for making Bayman look good and for the helpful guide ^^

  • Sinya
    SinyaΠριν 5 χρόνια

    Great work Ain, very useful guide !!

  • anthony branch
    anthony branchΠριν 6 χρόνια

    Fight me on Xbox rusty37807 this is my character I play with ..

  • AsViewedByFran88
    AsViewedByFran88Πριν 7 χρόνια

    My perving aside I forgot to say great and helpful video as usual, thanks for the upload. :)

  • AsViewedByFran88
    AsViewedByFran88Πριν 7 χρόνια

    I really like Bayman, he is one sexy guy in this game but... I don't really like his play style, I mean it suits him but its not really to my tastes. Maybe I will still try and learn him but I doubt it will work out as I normally play faster more combo orientated characters like Hitomi.

  • Lo - Rez

    Lo - Rez

    Πριν 3 χρόνια

    😜 “I can’t get the timing right, and I only know how to button-mash fast attacks”

  • Curl2Care
    Curl2CareΠριν 8 χρόνια

    Beating up on poor Helena.