Boyfriends Challenge #3


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    Gulf so handsome ♥

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    Here for Kacha ♥️

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    All these actors are amazing ❤️ I wish we get English subs soon!

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    Eng sub or indo sub , please

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    War ❤️❤️

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    English sub plssssssssss😢 I can't understand my baby kana

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    Gulf kana cute and sweet babie🤭😍🤭😊 #GulfKanawut #GULFismyBOYFRIEND

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    wala akong naintindihan pero sobrang cute ni gulf at tommy :-)

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    ma babies are here gulf and war plus my daddie kao

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    here againnnn! but im in love with baby gulf, baby war, cool kao, cute perth, the other perths talay, and baby tommy!😭😍❤️🤍🥺 can someone tell me bout the others? idk them???

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    I only understand few phrases, but I didn't notice I'm smiling the whole video...✨❤️❤️

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    My precious Gulf Kanawut ♥️♥️♥️

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    1:22 กลิ่นนมผงนี่ไม่น่าจะใช่ทอมมี่นะ มันน่าจะเป็นเธอมากกว่านะ วนร.

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    Todos son muy lindos, pero mi corazón se derrite por completo al ver los labios de Gulf, Dios lo amo AND please, please put the subtitles, I would appreciate it too much, we have many Latinas who follow your projects.

    MQMXXWΠριν 10 μήνες


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    Hola desde de Colombia por favor traducir en español gracias muchísimas gracias por su atención

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    I really wanna understand what they’re saying 😔 Can you please give us subtitles? 🥺

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    If you're stuck on a deserted island No one : Kao&Talay : search for crab

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    Gulffff ❤️⚽️

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    not sub, sub indo please

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    กลัฟตัวหอมแบบธรรมชาติ ไม่มีสารเคมี คริคริ

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    I didn't understand but I'm just drooling

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    gulf great kao three of my love susu wish they can have a show together

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    eng sub please

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    [TRANSLATION]: ughhh why did I just saw this... I'm translating this because it's a good content for translation rather than last 2 challenges that can be enjoyable even without knowing the language. Basically, this one is a game to see who is the most charming by letting them vote each others on 4 topics. 1. ["Which person in Boyfriends smells the best?"] --- Great: P mhor Ritz(dr.Ritz) must have the best smell. He's a doctor and has his own clinic. He must be a very clean person. Just looking at his face, I already feels like he should have great smell. --- Ritz: It should be the person who looks clean on both outside and inside. That one should smell nice. Umm, everyone looks like they're clean, bathed, and wear perfume. I'll go with Nong Kao, then. Nong Kao seems like he has best smell. He seems like a person who really took his time bathing, scrubbing all the dirt from his body. Should smell good. I'll try to sneakily smell him next time we meet. --- Gulf: It might be P Ritz. He probably take good care of his cleanliness, wearing perfume, something like that. --- Kacha: ...Kacha. Coz, I've never go and smell other people. --- War: I'll pick Tommy. I dunno, he seems like... he smiles like a kid. His smell must be like, ......milk powder, kid's smell. --- Tommy: Must be P'Ritz. He's a doctor. Besides, I worked with him before. He really smell nice. --- Kao: It should be Dr.Ritz. --- Perth: P--P'Ritz, then. --- Gavin: I dunno what perfume they wear. I'll give it to P'Ritz then. He looks sweet. Of course, sweet face like this must smell nice. --- Talay: I think it should be P'Ritz. He's a doctor right? He must take good care of his health and is clean. I supposed. --- RESULT: Ritz --- 2. ["Which person in Boyfriend is the most romantic?"] --- Ritz: I'll go with Great. Great... he seems like, like he's romantic. Like, a type of man that women likes. --- Great: I say Kao. He looks like a warm man who take good care of people. Girls would melt when they see him. (me:Truth) --- Gulf: P'Kacha, maybe? He can sings well, then like, serenading/singin for someone seems romantic. --- Talay: I think it's P'Kacha. I dunno, I've seen him played in a series. He seems like a person who is good at taking care of people. --- Gavin: I'll pick Talay, so they can go to Talay(sea). --- Kao: Dr.Ritz again. He has been talking to many people. He should know how to speak with people or say the right thing to people. --- Tommy: It's me, basically. --- Perth: Myself, maybe --- War: P'Kacha, it is. He seems like.... a guy from Kdrama. --- Kacha: Kacha. Because... no because. I'm confident on this topic. --- RESULT: Kacha --- 3. ["If you're stuck on a deserted island, who'd you want with you?"] --- Gavin: Alone. nah, I'm joking. Kacha, then, because he got pink hair. Looks like cotton candy, especially in that pic, cotton candy. I'll nom his hair first. --- Tommy: Let's go with Gulf. Gulf should be around the same age as me. I'm not looking for someone to depend on. I just want a person who's, like, we can get along and talk to each other. --- Talay: I think it's P'Kao. He's a big guy. He should be like, able to build a house, digging holes, while I search for crabs. Something like that. --- Kao: Probably Great. Because , like, we could help each other carrying and finding fish or crabs. Tall and strong man. Like, "Go cut some tree for me, so we can build a raft", like that. --- Great: If dr.Ritz, then it's likely we survive. Won't die if we come down with something. Kao also looks like he can help me. He looks strong. Perth can play music, so it'll be relaxing. But I'll pick sir Kacha. Life should be relaxing with not much stress. We'd flow with the current I feel. --- Gulf: P'Great, then. In case something happened on the island, he can help. P'Great is big. In case we met with a cannibal tribe, he can protect me on the island. --- War: I'll take P'Ritz. Because he's a doctor. He could be a great help, in case I have diarrhea or food poisoning. He can probably find some herbs in a wood and smash them into meds for me. --- Perth: P--P'Rtiz then. He's a P and a doctor. Should be able to help me when stranded. --- Ritz: I'll take Kacha. He's the closest person I have from all of them. I'm not sure if he feels the same way, but I am closed to him the most in here. --- Kacha: If I can choose a person to be stranded with, I'll be stranded with dr.Ritz. Because he's a doctor. He'd know how to do first aid or be able to tell whether I'm dehydrated or something. --- RESULT: Ritz & Kacha --- 4. ["Who in Boyfriend seems like the best love guru"] --- Gavin: I'm married. I'll pick myself. Consult me anything. If you're sick you can also consult me. I'm a doctor. A love doctor. --- Tommy: I think it should be P'Kacha. Cause he seem matured and like, seems like he has a lot of experience with love. --- Talay: Ummm I feel like it's Tommy. He looks innocent, but probably well-versed. --- Kacha: I'll give it sir Great then. We knew each other before. We've got to talk on a lot of topics. Sir Great should be a good consult. --- Kao: Dr.Ritz. He can give good advice. --- Gulf: P'Kao it is. He's a handsome and good-looking guy. He probably had experiences in love to certain extent. He should be able to give me good advice. --- Perth: Me, then. --- Great: I'll go with the same one, sir Kacha. I dunno, when I look at him, I feel like I can go and consult with him. He seems like **hand gesture** --- War: Dr.Ritz. He's a physician. Love is.. about instinct. It's about the chemical in your brain. Love is above our control. If a physician can explain about this topic, we might understand this in a scientific way. --- Ritz: I think it's me. I can give advice to anyone. Yes. No matter the question, I can answer all. To be forgiving, to talk it out calmly, or anything of sort, I can answer. But practically, I have no experience whatsoever, but I can always give them adivce. Call me a Love guru. --- RESULT: Ritz

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    Ahh lifesaver thank youuu🥰😍😍😍

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    Baby Gulf's answer at #3, LMAO 🤣🤣🤣 I'm still, can't get over 🤣🤣🤣 Loveyou baby. Your my happiness 🤟🤟

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    Content is in Thai but flooded by English comments. Please consider adding English subtitles on your videos. Thanks a lot and more power.

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